ABOUT ME - Ilene Meyers Photography

In a fast-paced world, my photographic work is my respite. Time stands still for me when I am out in the field gathering my photos. As I focus on the scene in front of me, I do not think about anything else going on in my life – or even in my immediate surroundings! It is truly a meditative experience. The beauty of nature unfolds for me now in ways that I never experienced in the past. I am more aware of my surroundings in terms of color and light. I take the time to appreciate sunrises and sunsets wherever my travels take me. It is my hope that through my photography you can also experience the beauty of our world.

My work was personally selected by Dewitt Jones to participate in his www.healingimages.org project.

My photographs are here for you to enjoy.  If you wish to purchase one of my photographs, please contact me at:


Thank you.